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Q&A: Speed Under the Bar | Jared Enderton

Question: "What are some ways to improve speed under the bar for Olympic lifting?"

This is one of the main differences between elite level lifters compared to beginners. Speed under the bar is mostly a product of your positioning and timing even before your extension.  I always think of the lift like pulling back a bow. If you release the bow too early - the bow won't shoot as far or as fast. If you start extending too early in the snatch or clean & jerk - The bar won't have maximal speed or height. So my answers would be:

  1. Stay over the bar as long as possible (So you get the leverage from your back)
  2. Be as patient as possible to keep loading your hamstrings with both tension & a stretch so you get the stretch reflex.

-Jared Enderton, Olympic Weightlifter/NPGL Grid Athlete

Posted on October 19, 2015


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