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Q&A: Snatch - Bottom Position

Question: "I find that when I’m landing in my bottom position of my snatch that the bar is crashing down on me rather than me pulling under the bar. What are some ways to correct this?"

That is a very common issue. A lot of times the reason is because of a bad bar path. If you kick the bar out too far away from your body it makes a rainbow shape before landing behind your head.  It is always going to feel like it's crashing when it has to travel that far horizontally. So my advice there is to focus on your hips going UP and not just straight out to meet the bar. Now, if that isn't the cause (I like to try to fix the causes, not necessarily the effect), chances are your arms aren't doing their jobs. After extension you need to be using that bar as leverage to pull yourself underneath. Depending on your style of technique (triple extension vs. catapult) it may depend a bit on if you are pulling your elbows back or more vertical. I LOVE to do muscle snatches to help remedy this issue. 

-Jared Enderton, Olympic Weightlifter.

Posted on April 10, 2015


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