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Q&A: Sciatic Nerve

Blog Article ImageQuestion: "My sciatic nerve has been causing me some pain.  What advice do you have to rehab this injury?"

This is tough one to answer. Pain from a sciatic nerve is likely due to a bulging or herniated disc in the spine. There are several steps I would take to address this issue:
A. Modify Program - The first step is to figure out what aggravates the pain (flexion or extension). Next, modify or eliminate movements in your program that exacerbate the pain, until the symptoms are under control. 
B. Work stabilization (strength) - in core, hip girdle, shoulder girdle, and knee. 
C. Work Mobility - in thoracic spine, hips and ankles.
The following web sites can provide movements to address the stability and mobility of the proper joints in the rehab of sciatic pain:,,,
D. Re-integrate - start re-integrating the baseline movements that you had to eliminate or modify to get pain-free. Note - some movements may never be able to be re-integrated, depending on the severity of the disc pathology. 

Posted on November 4, 2013


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