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Q&A: Rack Pulls

Blog Article ImageQuestion: “Do you think that rack pulls are effective and how often should I be putting them into my training regimen?”

My father, Gale Gillingham trained by himself at home during the off-season over his 10 year Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame career.  He utilized a lot of heavy partial movements in his workouts. My brothers (Karl and Wade) and I started training with him at an early age. We have all continued to train partial movements throughout the years.  Rack pulls are the cornerstone of my deadlift training. I pull out of the rack every other week at varying heights above and below the knee. This allows me to use heavier weights than I can pull from the floor…building top end strength. It is my training philosophy is anyone interested in getting stronger would benefit from training rack pulls and other partial movements on a regular basis.

This picture is my Dad in 1975 towards the end of his NFL career.  He is training in the basement of our house in Little Falls, MN.  He has 1400+ LBs on the bar.  He continued to train like this for the rest of his life.

-Brad Gillingham, strength athlete

Posted on September 16, 2013


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