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Q&A: Quadricep Development

Question: "My back and hamstrings have always been relatively strong, but my legs are weak.  When I squat I notice my chest drops and I use my back and hamstrings more than I should be.  What should I do to increase my leg strength/power?"

I would start by incorporating front squats into your training.  This movement should be performed in the racked position and not cross-armed.  If you cannot comfortably rack the weight you could use lifting straps. Concentrate of keeping the elbows high and the back as upright as possible throughout the movement.  Make sure to complete the lift by flexing the glutes into a strong hip extension lockout.  You might also want to incorporate high bar squats and leg press into your training to focus on quadriceps development.  These movements along with front squats could be added in conjunction with your deadlift/back training. Another area to look at is flexibility.  You may be tight in the hips and ankles.  I would incorporate some overhead squats and mobility work as part of your warm up to work on flexibility.

-Brad Gillingham, powerlifter/strength athlete

Posted on March 23, 2015


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