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Q&A: Olympic Lifting & Core Work

Question: "Do you think that core work is necessary for an Oly program?  If so, what kind of core work do you do?"

Absolutely. Core work was something I neglected the first 3-4 years of my lifting and I can tell. I couldn't do above 90% of my max CJ without a belt. I would get folded over like a book. I started doing a lot of extra core work and my lifts have started taking off again in recent months. It feels SO much more smooth and sturdier throughout the lift. I change it up all the time. Example exercises would be: Planks, V Ups, GHD Sit Ups, Hanging Leg Raises, Toes To Bar, Crunches. I keep it relatively simple. 

-Jared Enderton, Olympic Weightlifter/NPGL Grid Athlete

Posted on May 11, 2015


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