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Q&A: Knees Caving In | Bryan Dermody

Question: "My knees keep caving in during my sumo deadlift.  Any advice?"

This is typically due to tight hip adductors and internal rotators and weak hip abductors and external rotators. There are three components to the resolution of this problem:

  1. Soft tissue: roll plantar fascia with a Lacrosse ball, and hip internal and external rotators/adductors and abductors and entire glute complex with a PVC roller or soft ball.
  2. Enhance flexibility in hip adductors and internal rotators: Half-Kneeling Adductor Stretch and Prone Adductor Rock.
  3. Enhance strength of hip abductors and external rotators: Mini-Band Glute Exercises.

- Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter/Former Strength & Conditioning Coach

Posted on November 10, 2016


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