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Q&A: Keeping Your Muscles Full

Blog Article ImageQuestion: “I am 5' 8", 197lbs and around 8-9%bf. I would like to know what I can do to help maintain a "just left the gym" look. About 45min-1hr after working out my pump is gone and I look like I am about to workout rather than finished. I'm on a strict 5,600-calorie diet of 500g-protein and bulking till December to compete in April. Any advice?”

Answer:  My guess is that you are not eating enough carbs and are flattening out once your pump is done, which is probably sustained by high sodium in your pre-workout. High sodium increases blood volume.  The protein seems extremely high as well and that would only be 2000 calories, which is still high.  I weigh 218 and my calories are 3,400 per day with only 285 grams of protein, 400 grams of carbs and the rest in fats.  You would need to increase carbs based around your training as well as increase fluid and possibly sodium but we'd need to know those amounts before I could say for sure.  I can tell you this, picture your muscle like a balloon.  If you eliminate any of these factors the "balloon" we call your muscle deflates or flattens out. 

3 Key Components:
1. Water
2. Sodium which is blood volume or that PUMP
3. Carbs, which is glycogen.  When you eat 1 gram of carbs your body needs 3 grams of water to shuttle or deliver the carbs (glycogen) to your muscles

So, in order to remain "full" you need a balance of all 3 to keep the "balloon" fully inflated.

-Jason Kaiman, NGA Pro natural bodybuilder

Posted on September 23, 2013


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