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Q&A: Hip Flexibility

Blog Article ImageQuestion:  “I lack hip flexibility when squatting and am in the hole.  What can I do to fix this?”

This can be a problem of strength and/or mobility. If the core is not strong enough to bear a heavy load through a given range of motion, the body will respond by shortening that range of motion to make stabilization easier. In this case, strengthen the core with raw squats and deadlifts (no belt), heavy standing cable abs, land mind variations, heavy medicine ball throws, barbell side bends, cable lifts and chops – focus on ground-based core movements. In the case of mobility, the following movements can help:

  • Dynamic hip mobility activation – check out the following video for some ideas-
  • Kettle bell goblet squats
  • Pause front and back squats
  • Below parallel box squats
  • Zercher deadlifts from the floor
  • Put a band around your legs just below your knees for your warm-ups sets. This forces glute activation, which is often the limiting factor in squat depth

-Bryan Dermody, strength athlete/powerlifter

Posted on February 10, 2014


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