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Q&A: Competing in the WBFF | Carissa Johnson

Question: "I am looking at training for my first WBFF competition, but am trying to figure out if Bikini or Fitness would be the best route for me?  Any advice?"

That's a great question! WBFF Bikini competitors tend to have good muscle tone all around, although they are typically a bit curvier and less cut then Fitness Models. Fitness Models tend to have denser muscle, more cuts and striations. If there is any question, we recommend competing in both categories at the amateur level in order to determine where the judges think you fit best (many competitors do this). Usually this is a good test to see if and what category you place higher. Although physical shape is extremely important, stage presence and marketability are crucial as well. Best of luck in your training and competing!

-Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro

Posted on August 24, 2015


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