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Q&A: Competing in Figure | Erin Stern

Question: "I’m looking to compete in my first figure competition and wonder if you have any advice that you wish you had known before your first competition?"

My best advice would be to have fun with it! Make sure you're starting prep with a good amount of muscle and are already relatively lean. If you're not under 20% body fat (or in the ballpark), I would suggest getting to a "maintenance level" of leanness. This will help keep your prep time to less than 8 weeks, and help you avoid a big rebound after the show. Physique competitions are great to train for, and it's rewarding to see your hard work under those stage lights! But, it should be done in a sustainable, healthy way! The real trophy is the body you build - you carry it with you wherever you go!

-Erin Stern

Posted on January 26, 2016


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