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Q&A: Arched Back in Bench Pressing

Blog Article ImageQuestion: “I see a lot of people bench with an arched back.  What does benching this way do compared to a flat back?”

Mastering your technique in bench pressing with an arched back, shoulder blades squeezed together, position will result in big gains in your bench press strength.  Completing your lifts in this manner will help you to engage some of the big muscles in your upper back, including the traps and lats, in supporting the pressing strength of the pecs, delts and triceps.  In addition, maintaining a good arch, which generally results in a bigger bench press, decreases the distance the bar is lifted.  Maintaining a good arch when bench pressing can also help to keep the shoulders and pectorals healthy by allowing those upper back muscles to absorb some of the strain when lowering the bar to the chest.  Your bench press assistance work should include a variety of bent rows, seated rows, lat pull downs, shrugs, cleans, and shoulder work to develop the upper back.

Posted on February 24, 2014


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