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Push/Pull Meet at the Dino Gym

Blog Article ImageThis week past was an interesting one.  I trained upper body on Tuesday, and did a heavy deadlift and high volume squat workout on Wednesday.  I talked to my buddy Scott Tully on Thursday about coming over to Salina, KS, to pick up some equipment over the weekend.  He mentioned a push/pull competition that he was holding at the Dino Strength training facility there in town. He suggested that I lift in it to get in a workout.  By Friday, I had decided to compete, and Saturday a couple of my training partners and I were on our way well before daybreak.

As I had trained very hard during the week, I had no real big aspirations for the meet, only to move a little weight and hang out with some buddies.  When I got there, the weights in warm-ups were feeling good, and I ended up having a good day.
On bench, I opened with 380lbs. and hit it easy.  I then hit 400lbs. on my second rather strongly as well.  420lbs. was just out of reach, though, as I missed it. 
On deadlift, I opened with an easy 600 pound pull.  On my second, I lost 630lbs. at lockout because I didn’t have my grip set properly on my left hand.  The pull was quick and easy though, so I called for 655lbs. on my 3rd.  It came up quicker and easier than this weight ever had before for a meet PR and a no strap PR.  I really think with having trained heavy the week prior and how easy it felt, 700 pounds is a reality this year.
It was a great testimony for HMB.  On Wednesday my back was sore as can be from heavy partial pulling and my legs weak from high volume squatting that it was a chore to navigate the stairs.  I thought lifting; particularly deadlifting on Saturday would be a fool’s errand.  Not only did I not embarrass myself; I hit a PR with weight to spare.  And I had the second highest total, losing by a mere ten pounds to fellow Team HMB athlete and Heavyweight Pro strongman Big John Connor. 
The Dino Gym is a great training facility owned by some great (and strong) guys.  If you are ever near Salina, I recommend checking it out.  They put on one heck of a fun meet.

Posted on January 10, 2012


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