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Product of the Month: EAS Muscle Armor

 This months highlighted product is EAS's Muscle Armor. EAS has had a long tradition of carrying scientifically proven products, and Muscle Armor is just such a product!
Extensive consumer research has shown that athletes want products clinically proven to protect their lean muscle mass and power. EAS has obtained the exclusive rights to the multiple-patented Juven Technology™. This breakthrough product is Muscle Armor™, by EAS. Muscle Armor is the only product available that can make the following claims and back it with a framework of science and research. Muscle Armor:

- Is clinically shown to rejuvenate muscle
- Is clinically shown to increase total strength
- Increases the effects of resistance training on lean body mass
- Is a multiple-patented combination of arginine, glutamine and HMB

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Posted on March 6, 2008


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