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Preparing for the USAPL Nationals

Blog Article ImageThis week I started my second week of training for the USAPL Nationals in June.  Even though I’ve had fun competing in a local state meet and the GNC Pro Deadlift at the Arnold, I’m excited to get back to training for a full National meet.  I’ve had a great off season and feel these next seven weeks leading up to the meet will bring some great numbers. 

The way my workout is set up, I have a four week preparation program that’s followed by a five week competition cycle.  This is a modified Sheiko program and is filled with high volume training.  This week was my second 5x5 workout.  The first week I had 70% of my raw max for my sets on squat and bench and this second week I went up to 75%.  These sets felt easy and I was suppose to stay at 525 pounds but bumped it up to 545 pounds, a new personal best.  My bench went the same way.  My weight was set to be at 375 pounds but I bumped my last two sets to 405, which went easy.  I’m excited about my raw strength going up and can’t wait to get into my gear next week to see where my equipped strength is at.  

I want to congratulate my friend and fellow teammate Bryce Holmes on his first place finish at the NPC Iowa State Championships this last weekend.  This qualified him for NPC National shows where I know he’ll do some damage.  I also want to wish team members Brad Gillingham, Bryan Dermody and John Conner who will be competing next weekend at the Empire Classic competition in Spokane, Washington the best of luck.  I too was invited but the timing of the event just didn’t work for me. 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence of all the success that Team HMB members are having.  If you’re interested in boosting your strength and recovery, be sure to include HMB into your supplement regime and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Posted on April 20, 2011


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