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Practice What You Preach

Blog Article ImageDear Danyelle…

Please give yourself the advice you so generously offer to your friends and clients.

Thank you!

: ) D

I will admit it. I did it. I had a total meltdown and completely lost perspective and focus. I did everything I tell my friends and clients not to do. After a harmless morning of Instagram stalking, I started comparing myself to others. Clearly this was only going to go one way, BAD. My feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy spiraled out of control and a naughty voice inside my head was telling me that I would never win and never be good enough. Good enough for what? I don’t know…  I was too busy crying through my cardio to be rational. Oh yes, I cried while on the elliptical trainer. I never said I quit, I just lost perspective.

So after I finished my cardio session, I called one of my best girlfriends, in tears still, and asked, “Please give me the speech I gave you three months ago.” I just could not stop crying, even though all of my positive and motivating words for others were swirling through my head. So she literally repeated my own words back to me, verbatim. After realizing how truly ridiculous this was, we both had a good laugh and reminded each other that our emotions sometimes get the best of us. In my opinion, anyone with the courage to step on stage is already a winner. And in the greater game of You vs. You I am not just winning the battle, it is an all-out domination!

Later that day I took some progress pictures and was blown away by what I saw. The girl in those pictures looked nothing like the girl crying in the mirror earlier that morning. There are so many lessons here I don’t know where to begin! I do know that I am mentally back on track. My focus is on being the best Danyelle I can be and bringing my best physique to date to the stage. My training is intense so I rely heavily on HMB to help me recover while maintaining muscle and gaining strength as I go into my final few weeks of competition prep.

Look for me at the Shawn Ray Classic in Baltimore, MD, on August 17th and again at the North American National Championships on August 31st in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA!

Posted on August 1, 2013


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