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Post Show Blues, and Oranges and Yellow and Greens!

Blog Article ImageSo it has been just over a week since the NPC Pittsburgh.  After an intense off-season and an even more intense competition prep, I brought, what I thought, was my best physique to date!  I placed 6th among some serious competition.  Everyone brings their A game to this show!  Of course, I always aim for the top spot, but in the battle of Me vs. Me… I dominated!  I obliterated Danyelle 2012 and put to shame Danyelle 2011!  And I was told, “…my best days are yet to come.” 

Last year, the feedback I received was just ...feed the back and shoulders! Haha.  I needed to thicken my back and grow my shoulders, especially my rear delts. From the comments I received this year, I accomplished that full on!  The judges said my muscularity was definitely on par; I just needed to bring the whole package in a bit tighter.  I’ll take it!  I was always the peanut on stage, well I still am in some regards, but now I know exactly what to do. 

So what’s next you ask?  The 2013 North American Championships!  I WILL crack that top 5!!!

So after some post-show M&M celebrating, (it may have lasted a week, but I won’t confirm nor deny) I am ready to clean up the diet and dirty up the training.  Recovery from 50 rep sets…yes you heard me right, 50 rep sets is no laughing matter, so with HMB on hand, I’m ready for my next challenge. 

Some very special people helped to make this show one of my best days ever!!! But they deserve a blog all to themselves… so stand by for more stories and continue to follow on my journey.

Posted on May 13, 2013


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