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Blog Article ImageI just returned from Pittsburgh after an exciting weekend.  There was a great turn out as usual with this show being the most popular, since it is the home of the IFBB/NPC. I also thought it was the most impressive lineup thus far and heard several others say the same. I was anticipating a great show before I even arrived.

Everything with my prep and travel went very smooth I enjoyed catching up with fellow competitors and meeting some new ones. My stage time was full of excitement along with some nerves. I strutted my stuff along with the other ladies and there was one beautiful, conditioned physique after another.

At the evening show we did it once more and then sat back to enjoy the numerous guest posers. I even got pictures backstage in my own pose down with Kai Greene and Jay Cutler! (I have to admit that when I practice my own bikini posing, afterwards I can’t help but do a bodybuilding pose!). My final placing was 14th for this show.

Many people will ask how I feel about my placings and I normally say, “It is what it is.” I heard a figure competitor say the same exact words on Saturday backstage about her own placing. She followed with some similar words of my own thoughts. She said, “We are all blessed to be at the pro level doing what we love.” Obviously, every competitor is there to win including me or we wouldn’t be called competitors. Although, in a sport like this one, it is a lot about being happy with your physiqueand doing it because you love the sport. The head judge often reminds us that at the pro level we all look great, it’s very close amongst us, and we have no control over what the judges decide.

I was a former gymnast and track athlete who was always looking to improve. After a competition, I was able to train to sprint faster or work on more difficult gymnastic skills. Currently, I keep my physique in contest shape year round, so the show is about bringing my best stage presence to the stage that day. Many details are considered along with subjective judging and a different mix of competitors each time.  The suit, hair, makeup, and tan may be the details, yet they are very important in the entire package on stage. In this show, I didn’t feel like my details were at their best. The lights are very bright on the Pittsburgh stage and I needed to adjust accordingly. The result is not always apparent, since looking in the mirror backstage isn’t the same as on stage. After I see my photos, then I can determine what needs to change. I certainly intend to make some changes and bring both a better package and placing for the next show!

Stay tuned for my next show and in the meantime I’ll be smiling while I continue my intense training thanks to supplementing with HMB!

Posted on May 10, 2011


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