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Patience is the key to success

Blog Article ImagePatience has never been one of my strong points, and one of the areas in my life that this is most evident is in my training. Although I am improving, in large part due the help of several accountability partners that are also in the iron game, my patience has a lot of room for improvement. Growth in these areas of needed improvement in our lives seldom comes without some kind of “growing pains.” I was reminded of this two weeks ago when I tore my right spinal erector . . . again, after being somewhat impatient and trying to push the body a little too aggressively at this stage in the healing process. After the frustration from the incident subsided, I reflected on the incident and learned a very valuable life lesson. You see, I not only struggle with patience in training, but in several areas of my life. God simply had to teach me this lesson in the area of my life that is very important to me, so that I would actually hear the message He was trying to get across to me. Try to teach me patience in some other area of my life, and the message may not get through. However, teach me patience by taking away training through an injury, and the message gets through loud and clear! The only time in life that difficult situations are a loss is when we don’t learn from them. Next time you experience what seems to be a setback in your life; don’t let it hold you back. Approach it as a valuable growth opportunity and it may just catapult you to higher levels of success than you ever imagined!

Ok, that is it for the life lessons. Now, on to the training. I have taken a slightly more conservative approach to training and have experienced some great results in the past two weeks. I have posted four new videos on the You Tube page of the recent successes I have had in my training. The lower body strength is finally coming around – I decided to kind of go off the script last week on front squats and just see where I was with my lower body strength. I managed to get 405x4. Decided to do the same on power snatch and tied a personal record, getting 220 for a triple with some still left in the tank. I have been doing more clean grip deadlifts without straps to work on the grip strength – hit a personal record of 455x5 on these, so the grip strength is starting to come around as well. Finally, I have been playing it pretty safe on the deficit deadlifts, and pulling from the floor does not seem to bother my back nearly as much as rack pulls. After a thorough warm-up, I decided to once again go off the planned script and see what I had in me for a set of five. I was able to pull a raw 600x5 from a three-inch deficit. This is also an all-time PR. That concludes the current three-week cycle. Next cycle I will move to a 5x5 back squat program, and really try to push the lower body strength up.

Rehab has focused on plenty of stretching, traction, and massage, as well as single-leg and double-leg reverse hypers for the lower back. Recovery has been unbelievable with the help of taking HMB on my training days. Often I literally feel like I did not even train the day before. I guess that is the way it is suppose to be. You know how the saying goes, “Today’s training is only as good as yesterday’s recovery.”

Posted on June 3, 2010


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