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Blog Article Image“Impatience is resistance to learning.” I currently have this quote on a sticky note on my desk, so I see it every day. I need to be reminded on a daily basis to be patient, especially when it comes to my athletic goals. Similar to most athletes, I’m very driven to improve in whatever it is I am practicing.

In less than a year, I began training for MMA since I craved more of a challenge than only competing in IFBB Bikini shows. The martial arts are all brand new to me, so I was starting from square one. Naturally, my athletic background helps, yet Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu were 2 disciplines that I had no prior knowledge before I began. As usual, I want to continually improve and be the best I possibly can. My drive and enthusiasm to improve is definitely a good quality, yet there are times when it can have the opposite effect on my performance. I want to go to as many practices as possible that fit into my schedule. I also enjoy every practice and never want to miss it. By doing so, it can lead to overtraining in both my mind and body especially when life outside of training becomes busy as well.

It is my impatience that gets the best of me. I realized that when I back off slightly or take a day off, then my skills improve. A lot of it is mental, so there is only so much learning I can take in at a time as well. When I listen to my body during stressful times and/or when my allergies are affecting me, then it only benefits me in the long run. I have been receiving the rewards of balancing my training to be at peak performance. It seems as though every time I scale back to avoid overtraining is when I hear a comment about my improvement. My mind also feels clearer and what I have learned comes more natural instead of trying to think too much.

Along with balancing training, I am looking forward to traveling to the Arnold Expo and seeing my fellow HMB teammates. I’m sure it will be just as exciting as last year with so many different sports at one place. When I return, I will be getting ready to represent HMB on stage the following weekend in Culver City to show off my physique and my new suit! Stay tuned for a full report next month about my show.

Posted on February 25, 2013


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