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Overindulging during the Holidays

Blog Article ImageHeading into and getting through the holidays can be a stressful time for everyone.  Stressing about what to buy for people and the money you are spending all the way down to the crazy amounts of holiday parties that encompasses food that you know you should not eat! 

Remember, when it comes to the holidays and your fitness goals; the holidays are a pit stop along the journey.  Do not get stressed about what you are eating or not eating.  It is ok the treat yourself during these times, just do it in moderation. 

Stay focused on the long-term goal, which is being healthy.  You can't achieve this goal by a diet or by going to the gym sometimes.  It has to be a lifestyle that you decide to live.  Diets are short-term fixes that cause long term problems.  If you are on a "diet" it won't matter what you do over the holidays, cause as soon as your "diet" is over, you will soon start to struggle with what you have always struggled with.  If it is a lifestyle change, then holidays won't hurt you. It might even help you.  Changing what you eat every now and then can actually help you to stay healthy.   Changing your amount of calories and the caloric makeup can actually help at times (again, in moderation). 

So don't stress about what you are doing or not doing.  Have fun, relax and enjoy the time with family and friends.  Stay consistent with your workouts and the food you eat over that short time will not matter.  Keep working hard and make sure you are using every advantage you can get, like HMB.  I make sure that I am always taking my HMB, never missing a workout and then I don't worry too much about the holiday food.  I will stick to a pretty strict food plan Monday through Friday and then on the weekends, I will eat whatever I want.  You have to keep your sanity.  Then once holidays are over, get back on track and everything will be great.  Have a happy and safe holiday and make 2014 your year!

Posted on December 12, 2013


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