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Orange County Classic

Blog Article ImageWell, I finally feel like I got my groove back for my bikini competitions after the Orange County Classic. Last summer was the last time I felt like I was 100% on stage until this past show.  It was a great show as they usually are and I felt very happy to be back on stage feeling great. My show in March was followed by a move in my living situation along with dealing with some personal things. The one last fall was after I had just recovered from an injury that had me out of the gym for 8 weeks. So, this show felt like a breeze going into it with smooth sailing. This past year has been wonderful in so many ways yet was one of those challenging years as well with unforeseen circumstances.

Since January I have competed in 5 jiu jitsu tournaments, so it seemed longer than 5 months since my last IFBB show. After competing in the tournaments this year for the first time, it felt very comfortable to be competing in a skill as well as being barefoot and have my hair up like I did as a kid in gymnastics. It also helped offset all the beauty prep that goes into the bikini shows. This time around I didn’t mind all the feminine aspects of the bikini competition prep after all that grappling and braided hair. If you haven’t checked it out already, look at my most recent HMB video about the behind the scenes of the bikini competitions. I talk about all the little unknown parts that go into the prep.

I was reflecting on the past year since I started jiu jitsu a little over a year ago. I was thinking about all the change in my life in the past year, which I don’t always realize as it is happening. I had change in both my personal life and with my training/competitions. After the dusts settles and I look back, I then start to realize the changes and take a breath. I often joke that I like to change everything at once to make it more difficult. The reality is that it usually goes hand in hand. It has been a mental and physical adjustment and I have been feeling much more balanced recently.

I’m still making changes to help benefit everything in my life and keep priorities where they need to be. As a role model in fitness, balance is key to true health and happiness.  I do my best to keep a balance with all the aspects of my life. I’m still tweaking my nutrition with continual changes in training to determine what works best. I am able to balance it all with all of the people in my life who support me. I am forever grateful for the support I get from Team HMB. The supplement keeps my body recovering from all types of training and the people behind the product are just as amazing!

Posted on September 4, 2013


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