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Blog Article ImageOver the past couple weeks the quality of my training has been improving drastically. Some highlights from my last two training sessions include:

• Power Cleaning 240lb x 6 reps on a 2-5/8” diameter axle
• Deadlifting a clean 705lb with just a belt
• Log pressing 280lb for sets of 3 with ease.

The log pressing was especially encouraging because of the ease of it, which all of the presses were completed. One important item to note is the time of day I took HMB. I have been taking my first dose about two hours prior to training instead of in the morning which is about 10 hours before I train. I have been much more energetic than in previous training sessions and power production couldn’t have been better. I attribute this to the timing change of the first dose of HMB.

I am currently two months out from the 105KG America’s Strongest Man and it is being held right here in my home state of Michigan at Cobo Hall in Detroit! This is the perfect time to be feeling like I’m on an upswing in training.  This week the events were announced and I will be competing in
5 events. They are the Giant Dumbell Press, Car Deadlift, Truck Push and Sled Drag Medley, Wheelbarrow load, and of course the classic Atlas Stone Load.

Keep checking in over the next two months to find out what I am doing to regain my title as 105K America’s Strongest Man. Also try taking your HMB
1-2 hours before you train and see what kind of differences it makes in your training.

Posted on July 22, 2010


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