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Blog Article ImageLife has been pretty hectic for me these past few months with work and getting ready for our next child.  Through these busy times I have been able to start my four week prep program though in hopes of competing at the 2012 USAPL Nationals.  That is the next meet in my sights as I hope to win my third straight National title. 

I am in the middle of my first wave of my four week prep program and am starting to gain my strength back from the extended lay off.  I am also still losing weight so I can make the new 264 pound class.  I am hoping in the next couple of weeks I am able to be around 270 with my strength levels coming back to where they were.  I will be counting on HMB to help me reach these goals and since adding this to my supplement list it hasn’t let me down yet.

I want to wish Team HMB members Brad Gillingham and Bryan Dermody good luck as they are competing next week in the GNC Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I know they will both be competing for that top spot and am disappointed I won’t be up there with them.  I was invited but my schedule didn’t allow me to compete this year which is a shame as it looks like the best deadlift lineup they’ve ever assembled for this event.

Since my last blog I was able to travel back to Des Moines, Iowa in order to shoot a new ad for HMB.  It was great being back in Des Moines because I have a lot of family there.  I was also able to meet up with good friend and fellow HMB team member Bryce Holmes at his gym for the photo shoot.  I think the shoot went great and am excited to see the new ad in magazines next month.      

Until next time, continue to lift hard and smart which means adding HMB to your supplement list.  You’ll be glad you did.  

Posted on February 23, 2012


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