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Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge 2011

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A couple Fenton Strongman Clubbers and I headed across the border last weekend to attempt to conquer our companions to the north in a friendly game of Strongman. It was a beautiful fall day to say the least, and what I would call a perfect day for Strongman. It turned out to be a rather uneventful trip to Kitchener, Ontario for the contest, except for Aaron West getting us read the riot act at the border. Fortunately, the border patrol was unable to find the various items he was smuggling in his beard. So, after a dozen Tim Horton coffees and 4 hrs we made it to a parking lot in downtown Kitchener. Unfortunately, it ended up being the furthest one away from the contest in the entire city. We had an ample two hours to make the hike, speed diet and familiarize with the implements, which were overall pretty cool.

Event #1 – Truck Pull
The truck was a 40,000lb dump truck and the course was smooth and looked to be slightly down hill, which meant getting a good start was imperative because all the times would be close. This is one of the tougher events for me so I really wanted to get a mid-pack placing here and then work my way back up throughout the contest. I got announced and immediately launched some HMB apparel into the crowd much to their delight. Then I got clipped to the truck and it was show time. I drove my hips through with everything I had and immediately was able to get into a low crawl. All out every step and I think I was the only competitor to use the lead rope the whole way.  I finished in31.7 seconds for 4th place out of 14 competitors.

Event #2 – Log Press
This event is usually a strong point for me but there was no split jerk or duck under allowed on the press, only a single knee bend. The log was a fat chunk of wood, probably around 14” diameter. I cleaned the first one but almost went lights out. This was a major error. In hindsight I relaxed too much while the other competitors went. I need to time my warm ups better. This woke me up and I attacked the next two reps for good lock outs. 2 presses tied me for 9th here.

Event # 3 – Walk Medley
The implements were a 400lb duck walk and a pair of 275lb farmer tanks. The duck walk was a little slow but I thought I could make up some time on the farmers, usually a great event for me. WRONG. I picked the tanks easy and took about 3 steps before kicking one of tanks falling forward, same story two more times. These particular tanks had tall handles and it put the tank right in line with my calves. In hindsight again, I should have gripped all the way forward on the handle and twisted the tanks out as hard as I could.
I ended up with 10th place here and 10th overall.

Event #4 – Engine Block Yoke Carry
This event required the 800lb yoke be carried 80’. I was able to maneuver my way through the course in 22 seconds for the lead. A few speedier times followed me though and left me in 4th for the event and 9th overall.

Event #5 – Atlas Stone Load
The 5 stone series started with a 200lb stone to 58” and finished with a 360lb stone to a 48” pedestal. I had a big opportunity to make up some places here. 5th through 10th place were only separated by 4 points. I flew through the stone run with 3 quick one motion loads on the lighter stones and easily finished the last two as well. My time of 29 seconds was good but only held up for 3rd place. The 12 points were just enough to tie me for 5th place overall which I took on the countback. A really good finish considering the problems I had throughout the meet.

It was great to compete in Canada for the first time. I am always happy to represent Team HMB. The effects of this supplement on recovery are phenomenal. I hit a hard squat training session only two days after this contest and felt great! Looking forward, 105K America’s Strongest Man is only a few weeks away. The bar is set high and I am attempting to become the first person to win this contest 3X. Keep an eye out for the results in early November.

Posted on October 17, 2011


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