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Off-Season Coming to a Close

My "Offseason" is almost over for me.  I have made great progress this year and am heading into 2014 bigger than I have ever been.  My diet starts the first week of January and my first competition of the year will be on May 10th at the Heartland of America (HOA) Classic.  I will be going for my 3rd straight year winning the Pro Overall!  2014 is going to be a big year as I am planning on doing about 4 competitions and hopefully qualifying for the Natural Olympia! 

This "Offseason" was a great success.  I stuck to very high volume workouts and increased my calories about 1,000 per day over last year.  Thanks to HMB I was able to handle the workouts and recover quickly when the intensity level was higher than ever and I was training each body part two times per week.  I left nothing to chance this year.  I am looking forward to getting on stage in May and hopefully getting a 3 peat at that show!  HMB has been crucial to me every year, but this year it was a lifesaver.  The high volume workouts were very hard.  I pushed my muscles and myself to their limit every time I was in the gym and then had to hit them again a few days later.  If I was not taking HMB, there is no way I could have finished these workouts with the effort level I needed.  To give you an idea of the workouts, here is a summary of what I did this "offseason".

Monday .........Legs
Tuesday.........Upper body
Thursday.........Chest and Back
Friday..............Shoulders and Arms

First day of each week was spent going heavy weights, lower reps, but a ton of sets.  Day 2 of each muscle group for the week was spent with lighter weights, a lot higher reps and a ton of sets and more intense with occluded sets, drop sets and supersets.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday season.

Posted on November 26, 2013


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