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NSCA Orlando and Summer Coaching | Brad Gillingham

Last week I traveled with GNC to Orlando to attend the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Annual Conference. The heat and humidity in central Florida in July is oppressive to say the least.  Thankfully, most of my time was spent inside talking with coaches and people interested in the strength and conditioning field. I have been a member of the NSCA and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) since 1996. I have been fortunate to attend the last 13 Annual Conferences. Each time I attend this conference I pick up more training and rehab information. This year I ran into a high school coach from Kansas during one of the early morning workouts. I was describing my upper hamstring problem and he gave me some valuable information regarding some of the things he has done to correct a similar glute/hamstring problem.  I am looking forward to trying these new exercises.  I have found over the years that networking and being open minded to new training advice is the key to progress. It is never too late to learn something new or change the way we go about our training. It is my recommendation that anyone serious about strength training should join the NSCA.

 I have been very busy coaching the Minneota girls athletes with their summer weight-training program.  Over the past several years I have been helping my two daughters and a group of 8-12 girls. This year the training has been expanded to a more official summer program for all girls’ athletes’ grades 7-12.  The majority of our training is split up into two days a week.  Each workout begins with three repeated mobility/plyometric circuits (spidermans, split squats, speed ladders, box jumps, overhead squats or light snatches). The circuits are followed by 5x3 hang cleans to the full front squat position.  On Mondays hang cleans are followed by speed deadlifts, front squats, bench press and assistance work.  On Thursdays hang cleans are followed by speed squats, bench press and assistance work. The program is simple but has provided some great results. It is amazing how fast these girls have gotten stronger and how much their vertical jumps have increased in a short time.

I have about 3 months to go before the 2015 USAPL RAW Nationals in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Jackals Gym will have several lifters competing in Scranton so the intensity in the gym is increasing by the week! Training has been going well and I am hoping to qualify for the 2016 IPF World Championships.  Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and make sure to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list.

Stay Strong!


Posted on July 15, 2015


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