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November 12th was one of the most treacherous and exciting days of my Natural Bodybuilding Career.  The weekend started with waking up at 4 am on Friday to catch my flight from Des Moines, IA to Coral Springs, FL.  Gina and I were off and running and pumped to see just how I would fair at the biggest Pro Show of the year for the NGA, the NGA Pro Universe!  The day of travel was filled with on the clock eating for carb loading and napping when possible.  Once we arrived in Florida, I spent the afternoon taking my Polygraph and getting spray tanned for the show, eating and resting. 

Saturday morning arrived quickly and it was off to the event.  There were 13 Pro’s invited to compete, and I was the only person from Iowa.  The day started like all other competitions I had been in.  I was ready and  felt as though I had prepared myself well.  I looked as good as I had ever looked, but in this sport everything is up to the judges and you just never know what they will see.  Pre-judging started and I was as focused as I had ever been, went to the pump up area and started getting ready.  Then we were called to the stage and all 13 of us walked out, started to look around a little and I knew right away that it was going to be tough.  Pre-judging lasted almost 30 minutes, the class was so tight.   It seemed that the judges really had a hard time figuring out not only who won, but who was going to place out of the 13 guys.  We were moved around a lot, continuously moving me into the middle of the stage, moving others next to me out.  At this point I felt like I was right there, right in it.  Pre-judging ended and we had about a 3 hour break before the night show.  I went back to the hotel and tried to keep myself hydrated and rested. 

Once the night show began I was anxious.  I was so hoping that when the time came for the top 5 to be announced, that my name was called, that waiting period of about 2 hours felt like 10!  They finally got to us and called out the top 5 and I was called, I was so glad to have placed in this caliber of show.  5th place is where I finished at the Pro Universe!  Thank you Metabolic Technologies (developers of the ingredient HMB) for all the help you gave me that weekend.   With all the training that led up to that day, I know that without HMB this would not have happened, it is a supplement that you can’t do without.

Posted on December 1, 2011


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