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New Year, New Goals.

As fitness enthusiasts and athletes we are all striving to get better everyday.  No matter what level you are at as an athlete there’s always room for improvement.  With the New Year here it’s time to reflect and set future goals.  Many of our elite athletes share what their goals are for 2015. 

Brad Gillingham, Powerlifter

“I have several goals in mind for 2015.  I had a tough year in 2014 with the injury bug.  My primary goal in 2015 is to get healthy and get back to my previous strength levels.  I would like to pull some big deadlifts and qualify for the 2016 IPF Raw World Powerlifting Championships.  One thing is for certain in 2015.  I will continue to train hard and enjoy the quest to get stronger and stay strong!!!”

Erin Stern, IFBB Figure Pro/USATF Competitor

“I have decided to train for the high jump this year, and I will jump 6'. I will continue to train for aesthetics, after accomplishing my power and strength training for that day. My heart has always been in track, and I feel that this is the year to finally see what I'm capable of. I have a few other goals that I feel will be helpful both inside and outside of the gym. I will only use myself as a comparison of success. This will help me focus on just what I need to accomplish! I will publish my book by my birthday (February 5th). I will hold more seminars and training camps this year.”

TJ Tollakson, Pro Triathlete

“Here are a few of my goals for 2015.
1) Track my macros to monitor my diet and weight with my performance....using my fitness pal and training peaks with a withings body fat scale
2) Monitor my sleep patterns and increase my sleep with my training load
3) Stretch daily
4) Complete a comprehensive core muscle strengthening routine twice weekly”

Mike “Kujo” Kurzeja, Pro Boxer

“My goals for this year are to continue to add quality lean muscle while decreasing body fat.   In addition, I have a goal to train smarter and harder.  After years of intense training and thrashing my body, my goal is to continue to train and be injury free throughout the year, this is very important. Listening to my body and getting proper rest in between workouts is one way I accomplish this.”

Justin Blake, Strongman

“My goal is to compete in the 200 lb. class, compete in a grip contest, and set a new pr deadlift of 750 lbs.”

Carissa Johnson, WBFF Pro

“My main goals this year are:

  • Increase lean body mass in my shoulders.
  • Increase my max strength in Olympic lifts and powerlifts
  • Get out of my comfort zone and get my first muscle up”



Philita Wheeler, NPC Figure Competitor

“I have spent the past 4 years of my life adding muscle size for judges… so 2015 is about re-creating the body that I want.  It’s no longer just about looking good for me; it all starts from within. I also want to be in the best cardiovascular condition of my life and continue to reduce my muscle mass. For me this means diversifying my workouts and trying new things. HMB will continue to play a vital role in my new endeavors, as I will need its recovery benefits for my extra conditioning.”


Jason Kaiman, NGA Pro Bodybuilder

“Goals for 2015 include:

  • Winning 2 different Pro competitions.
  • Qualifying for World Championships.
  • Maintaining nutrition level throughout the year.
  • Battle father time… I keep winning so far. :) ”


Eric Todd, Strongman/Strength Athlete

“My goals for 2015 are:

  • Increasing my conditioning and trimming back down
  • Defend my Heavy Lift and Old Time Strongman titles.
  • Compete at Nationals
  • Keep consistency in the gym and my nutrition”


David “The Beast” Douglas, Powerlifter

“My goals for 2015 are to create a better me. A leaner, stronger, mentally and physically strong person. I will strip 2014 for its values and only transfer the positive into this year. My goal is to be in the top 2 or 3 in the world in my weight class in raw powerlifting. My training is going great, my outside life has calmed down creating an environment that is allowing me to bust out of the seams so I'm very anxious and excited to see what the rest of the year brings.”


Danyelle Mastarone, NPC Figure Competitor

“I have some major goals for 2015 and some fun goals as well. I've lost the baby weight but want to get my muscular physique back. Right now I have a goal to lift consistently 4 days a week, using a push/pull and 2-leg day split. My ultimate goal is to be stage ready by July and compete at the National Level again. Some of my fun fitness goals are to be able to do 15 pull-ups again, complete a 5K and finally do a fitness photo shoot with fellow Team HMB member Philita Wheeler. We have both vowed to be in shape year round and no more contest yo-yoing.”

Nick Weite, Powerlifter

“My goals for 2015 include keeping my weight consistent and close to my weight class (264 pounds).  I need to do a better job with my diet so I don’t let my weight get to high and have to cut down during my competition training cycles.   I also want to win my fourth USAPL National Championship and obviously get as strong as possible.”


Jada Kelly, NPC Bikini Competitor

“This year, my first goal is to train hard just for ME! Not for a show, a photo shoot or any other event with a date attached to it. Second goal is become a certified nutritionist so I can truly be a one-stop shop for my clients when it comes to planning out every aspect of their fitness routine. I have a few fun goals too like spending more time with my boys, having date nights once a week with my husband and competing in another NPC show by July. I'm so excited about the New Year and determined to make it my best yet!”


Jennifer Dietrick, IFBB Pro/Martial Artist

“I am going to meditate twice a day everyday and be more consistent with downtime/social events as well. I can get too goal oriented and forget to take breaks. The result is not being revived and recharged and ending up with less productivity even though more time is spent towards it. I also am working on a minimum of a page of my book every workday regardless of how busy my day is. This practice keeps me consistent and moving forward even if it is one small step at a time. With training, I'd like to improve my ham-glute tie in, keep working towards my next belt in jiu jitsu and improve my flexibility. I've varied my glute training and added more stretch time at the end of my training. Lastly, I plan to compete at least 5 times this year.”

Spenser Remick, Strongman/Strength Athlete

"My main goal in 2015 is to earn a heavyweight strongman pro card. This is the healthiest I have been in the past 2 years, and HMB has played a large part in my ability to recover. In addition to that primary goal, my goals of a 400 lb. log press, 800 lb. deadlift, and 700 lb. raw squat will help me get there. I look forward to accomplishing these goals in the next year in conjunction with HMB."


Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter

"My resolutions for 2015:

  • Deadlift 804 pounds!!!
  • Watch less TV
  • Read more books
  • Give more money away than we ever have as a family
  • Buy our first home
  • Be on our way to our second child!
  • Love Jesus more than ever!"

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Posted on January 13, 2015


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