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Blog Article ImageWhen life gives us lemons, we should make lemonade.  Isn't that how the saying goes?  In trying to get ready for the ASC nationals, I sustained a knee injury, a tear to the MCL of my left knee.  Unfortunately, I have reaggravated it a couple times, trying to come back too quickly.  It is an issue full squatting or picking up anything from the floor.  So, I have modified my training to work around the injury. 

I have been working lots of heavy partials in my training, as well as strict pressing.  Those aspects have gone very well, and are getting quite strong.  I am, however, looking forward to getting back to the full lift varieties.

A few weeks ago, I entered the first ever USAWA Old Time Strongman Nationals.  As most of the lifts were partial movements, I thought I was  only going to have to go half way in two events (as it turned out, it was really only one).  In the end, I did quite well.  In the Anderson squat (a partial squat from the rack) I tied for 3rd with a squat of 710lbs.  I was a little worried about this one, but since it wasn’t a deep squat, it felt okay.  In the Anderson press (a partial strict press) I won this event by like 40lbs with a press of 350lbs.  Next was the 1904 dumbbell clean.  This one worried me as we had to lift the dumbbell from the ground, and that is one of the lifts I had reaggravated my knee trying.  I tried placing all my weight on one leg for the pull to the lap, and ended up doing a respectable 230 pounds without hurting the knee any further.  Last was the Dinnie Lift.  I was looking forward to this as I had done 800lbs in training.  It was not meant to be, as the plates they had were thick and we could only get 710 on it.  I pulled it easily to tie for the win on this event, on my second attempt.  I had saved one attempt for a big pull, but there was no more room.  I ended up in second overall, by 2 formula points.  Oh, how I would have liked to pull that last attempt!

Anyhow, I plan on continuing to heal, so I can get back to setting PRs in something besides strict pressing and partial lifts!  I would like to thank Metabolic Technologies for their continued support in my training and endeavors.  And I would like to congratulate fellow Team HMB athlete Justin Blake for his 3rd place finish at the ASC 105k Nationals this weekend past.  I believe this is Justin's 4th time in the top 3, including 2 national titles.  Way to go Justin!

Posted on November 9, 2011


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