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Never Give Up

Blog Article Image“When the world says to give up, Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’”

I’ve only quit a few things in life. No one would have blamed me if I had quit competing this past fall.  Leaning out was inconceivably hard this past season. My time on the competition diet increased from 12 to 17 weeks to help with the leaning out process.   My blood-sugar levels were playing some life-threatening tricks on me. I’d be in the midst of a workout and nearly black out because my sugar dipped into the 40’s. (A normal sugar level is typically anywhere from 80-110).  Every morning I would wake up and my sugar would be in the 50’s and all day long my sugar would peak at 90, if I were lucky. I almost hung up my heels at that point.  I was tired of taking my sugar 4 to 5 times a day, tired of the stress from working a full time job with overtime, tired from the effort and dedication to working out.  I was just plain tired.  So tired, in fact, that I didn’t register for my competition until about 3 weeks before because at one point I fell off the diet and felt I just couldn’t hang on anymore.

Then you come across people in your life that have more belief in you than you do. They become the voice of hope that whispers to you, “Try it one more time.”  These whispers came to me in the form of texts and emails at the lowest points in my training. They were by no means sympathetic or charismatic. They were genuine motivational tactics to provoke me to get off my “feel sorry for me” wagon and forget my sentiments and not quit what destiny had positioned in front of me.
One of my own motivators was someone who destroyed his Achilles tendon flipping a large tire.  Even with a boot and stern warnings, he was still in the gym, making videos and motivating the rest of the world while his own fell out from under him.

Motivation can be found all around us, even while sitting in a basketball game I watched as a team made a comeback with victory on the line with their last shot. I don’t know what the coach told them in the locker room at half time but the last shot would make or break this win.

Then there are my teammates from Team HMB who are out there doing extraordinary things every day, tearing down walls and obstacles to conquer their dreams.  (If anyone needs motivation all you have to do is read their blogs – talk about some talented and inspiring people!)

I sit here and wonder these things today, about how a message or a story can push me so much. My momentary time-out in life has turned into a game altering play. Will I hit nothing-but-net from the foul shot line, or ricochet off the backboard and hear the crowd sigh? As I take the ball and dribble, I see that fate isn’t in my hands. I don’t get to choose whether I hit or miss. I get to choose to shoot. I get to choose how I react to it. Even if I miss that shot, hope will still whisper, “Try it one more time”.

I’m not a quitter; I’m a fighter with conviction, optimism, and passion. My world won’t end until I’ve given every last piece of me to it. As we ring in 2012 hope will continue to stand in my corner. And when your world tells you to quit, I trust you’ll find your hope that tells you to try it one more time.

Posted on January 6, 2012


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