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Blog Article ImageI am just over 5 weeks out from my first competition of the year.  Prep has been going well for the most part, but I did hit a little bit of a mind game for about 3 weeks when it seemed like I was just standing still and not progressing.  I find it funny that no matter how many times I prep for a show, which it has been about 30 times now, I always seem to run into a time frame where I start to doubt what I am doing.  Where I question whether or not I am doing the right things and why is my body not responding, has it forgotten how to do this?  But, then it always starts to come around and now that I am 5 weeks out everything is looking good, right on target for May 10th. 

I speak of this today because I know that there are a ton of people out there, that even though they may not be getting ready to compete, they are trying to get healthier or lose some weight.  When you are doing this, everyone has a target they are trying to hit, a goal they are trying to achieve and most of the time on that journey we will find ourselves questioning what we are doing.  Is it working?  I lost a lot of weight in the beginning, but now I have not lost anything for two weeks??? 

Your body is an amazing machine that adapts to all situations of stress that you put it through.  Everytime that we are trying to reach that goal, our bodies will respond quickly in the beginning because of the major changes we have made in our diet or our workout program, but then the body will adjust and at this point is when most people will quit. 

“Well, it's not working anymore.  I need to do something different, something new, or maybe I am just not genetically gifted enough to reach my goal." 

DON'T QUIT!  This is where your body starts to test what its limits are and starts to adjust to what has happened.  Stay with your program, this will happen to almost everyone.  Trust me, I question myself at times, but I stay with it and it always works out. Sometimes your body will just need a break to recover from the stress you are putting it through, so changes go dormant and it feels like you are stuck.  Give it a little time.  It will come back. 

If you get stuck for a while, make a small change to your diet or workout program.   For example with your diet, take 1 day a week and double your calories for that day and that day only.  Change up your training  and  change your times, like instead of lifting 5 days per week, drop to 4 for a couple weeks, or instead of doing 10 sets of something drop to 6 for 1 week and then go back to your original program.  Small changes like this will keep the body in a small state of confusion and then you will get where you want to. 

Of course, make sure you are giving your body all the help you can.  I am a firm believer in the power that HMB has and it is an everyday supplement for me all year round, make sure you are using every tool available to you and HMB is one of the best tools there is. 

Posted on April 4, 2014


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