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Blog Article ImageAs it always seems to be, life is full of ups and downs.  I spent much of last year pursuing my National Board Certification education for special needs.  Well, in late November, I found out that I had passed on my first time, something only 25-40% of the people who attempt it do.  So, I was elated.  My school board even decided to honor me at one of their meetings.

So, I attended the December meeting to receive an award that they wanted to present me.  I was feeling pretty good about things.  So that night I was doing a deadlift workout before the presentation.  I was feeling strong and had certain numbers in mind, but at lockout, even with the lightest warm-ups, I was feeling something in my low back.  But I had numbers in my mind, and was feeling bulletproof, so I persisted.  And it bit me.  At the top of one of my pulls, I felt something give, and it put me on the floor.  After 5 minutes or so I managed to get up, and made my way to the inversion table.  I inverted, and felt what seemed to be everything pulling back into place.  So, I got up, considered continuing with the workout, but thought better of it and went upstairs.  When I went to run water to the cattle though, as I leaned forward to warm the glow plug, I felt it go again, and I knew I was in trouble.  Same old disc injury from 2006.  

Anyhow, I have babied it and limited what I was doing in workouts.  I kept doing inversions, rehab and so forth.  I was really looking forward to doing the Dino Challenge in January, as there was a back lift and a harness lift.   I have really been hitting my heavy lifts regularly and I was hoping to put up good numbers in these.  Anyhow, it wasn’t meant to be.  I went and competed, but had to take very careful lifts in these ones, and ended up in a respectable last place here.  The highlight of the meet (as goofy as it sounds) was a 175-pound teeth lift.

In February, I competed in the USAWA Grip Championship, even though my grip has always been my Achilles heel.  I knew that in most of these lifts, I would not lift enough to aggravate my back, so I played ball.  I ended up in 4th, and set a big PR in the one hand deadlift.

Though my back is still not 100%, the heavy lifts have stopped bothering it, and I had hit some good numbers in training going into the USAWA Heavy Lift Nationals.  I competed there this past Saturday, and the day was good.  We started off with the neck lift, which has become my forte'.  It went well on Saturday.  I opened up with 900 lbs., which was the world record just a couple years ago.  I went up to 1000 lbs.  They were both good lifts.  I finished with 1080 lbs. for three whites and broke the world record by 40 lbs.

Next was the hand and thigh.  I have kind of gotten back into my groove in this lift and was thinking about going 1500 lbs. plus in it, but I was trying to play the game, so took a conservative 1350 lbs. for my third and got it with plenty left in the tank.  

Last was the hip lift.  I hit 1810 lbs. on my second, and sealed the win, so I went for a meet PR of 2100 lbs. on my third, and narrowly missed it.  Anyhow, as it turns out, I won this meet on total and formula, so it was a good day.

Next big meet for me will be USAWA Nationals in June.  In the next week or so, I am hoping to be able to ramp up my training overall to gear up for a good result there.  And I know I can always count on my HMB to help me maximize my training.




Posted on May 7, 2014


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