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NAPF Deadlift Championships

Blog Article ImageI know it has been a while since my last blog. When I last posted I was in the final stages of preparation for the 2011 NAPF Deadlift Championships. My training had gone very well leading up to this contest. The only bump in the road was a re-aggravation of my torn spinal erector two weeks out from the contest. This contest was held July 23rd in Atlantic City at the Resorts Casino and Hotel in conjunction with the New Jersey State Powerlifting Championships. The winner of this contest would be declared by overall Wilk’s score. You could throw weight classes out the window.

I felt good during warm-ups with the exception of my torn erector. The pain was worse than any I have ever tried to compete with in the past. However, the weight still felt light and was coming off of the floor with good speed. My intention going into this contest was to go for an all-time personal record deadlift of 782 lbs. (355kg). I decided to go for my planned opener of 716, in spite of the injury. The weight came off the floor with good speed and the lift ended with a very powerful lockout. I turned in 749 for my second attempt. This was still the weight I had planned on taking for my second attempt, and would keep me on track for a final attempt of 782. My second attempt of 749 came off the floor with pretty good speed, slowed a little at the knees and once again ended with a very solid lockout. This is when my torn erector really started to feel painful. I knew I had the strength to pull 782 for my final attempt, but was not sure if my injury would hold up. I decided to go for 771 on my final attempt and still put out a decent Wilk’s score that would hopefully hold up for the win. I managed to get 3 white lights with 771 and finish the contest with the best Wilk’s score, the heaviest pull of the day and the title of 2011 NAPF Deadlift Champion. Videos of the contest can be seen on my You Tube page:

This was a fun contest and, as is typical, it is the people that make the contest so fun. I want to the thank Robert Keller for once again putting on a first-class contest. I have been to many contests run by Robert and he always runs a great contest. I also want to thank my handlers for the day. Steve Hartman and Gary Frye are two good friends and great young strength and conditioning coaches and I cannot thank them enough for their help during the contest.

Since this contest I have taken one week off of training and followed that with two weeks of work capacity training and four weeks of volume accumulation training. This is not the funnest type of training, but, it is necessary to build a solid foundation and set yourself up for success when lifting heavy weights. I will now take a week to reload and then start my heavier lifting, although I will not be peaking for another contest anytime soon. With a very busy fall work schedule the next competition I will likely compete in will be the IPF Pro Deadlift at the 2012 Arnold Classic. The Arnold is as big as it gets as far as deadlift competitions go, and I need the time to work on my weaknesses and do everything in my power to get my low back as healthy as possible.

HMB continues to be instrumental in accelerating my recovery and ensuring my training progress is never slowed by yesterday’s training session. Train hard, train drug-free and add HMB to your recovery forumula.

Posted on September 7, 2011


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