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Blog Article ImageI have so much to say about this weekend, that I don’t know where to start. It was exciting, fun, and I learned a lot. I guess I can start with my second place finish. I was very happy going into the tournament because I felt great both mentally and physically. Whether I end up placing well or not, it is most important to me to know I felt at my best.

A few days after my tournament last month, I had an AC joint injury that luckily was not too severe. It took about 3 weeks for my shoulder to heal and I wasn’t able to train until last week. Although I would have loved to been able to train all that time, I was mostly concerned with my body feeling at its full potential. I was taking extra HMB during that time and healed very quickly.

I’m learning the varying rules at these tournaments. My last two ones were submission only and there were also certain moves that weren’t allowed. In this last one, they allowed more moves than the other, yet it is scored on points if there is no submission. They also allowed jumping or pulling guard which was not allowed at my first tournament. Additionally, the rounds were shorter at this past tournament.

The ranking of the levels is different among the tournaments as well. The first two I did were by belt. This past one is by the number of years’ experience. I was in the beginner category which is up to 2 years’ experience. I don’t agree with years’ experience for categories, since everyone progresses at different rates. I also don’t make up the rules, so it is what it is.

I’m also learning that there usually aren’t enough females competing, hence me being the only woman at my last competition. In this one, there was only one other woman in my weight class. They asked us if we would mind if the woman from the higher weight class entered our class because there weren’t any competitors in hers. I gladly said yes because I always want more competitors.

In my first match I was submitted by an arm bar and then I was on to my next match in a few minutes. In this match I went for the guillotine choke, but my arm wasn’t deep enough around her neck to submit. She attempted a takedown twice in which I ended up in top position and I also passed her guard. I believe those moves were how I got my 6-0 win. I’m still learning about the points system, so I didn’t even know I won until my hand was raised at the end of the match.

I had a great time and I am looking forward to my next tournament in June. I will be doing my best to improve, training hard, and recovering with HMB! Happy training and stay tuned for results from my next competition.

Posted on May 15, 2013


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