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NABJJ Tournament

Blog Article ImageI’m happy to have had my fourth tournament under my (white) belt this year and to be learning from them all. I’m starting to adjust to competing in a contact sport and to the differences in the rules between the tournaments. I definitely prefer the submission only tournaments and a longer time for matches. Currently, my main focus is to slow down my breathing and be aware of coaching instructions during my match. Both have improved since my first match yet still needs more attention. I would also like to be as aggressive with my offense as my defense.

Since wrestling is the newest of what I have been learning, I have been hesitant about committing to a take down in prior tournaments. I made it a priority to commit to a take down in this tournament. The lateral throw feels the most comfortable of all the take downs I have learned, so I had that one as my go to for this past weekend. My opponent attempted a few take downs and I went for the lateral throw and missed it the first time. The second time it was a success and I ended up in side control. I was attempting to mount and she got full guard, swept me, and mounted. I didn’t hear my teammate telling me there was one minute left. The referee told her to make a move, which I was waiting for to attempt a hip bump and then the match was over. I ended up losing by points.

There were a lot of 10th Planet competitors, which is always good to have a lot of teammates there. It’s something I miss from when I was on gymnastics as a kid. Even though it is an individual sport, we are still there as a team to support each other. I look forward to this coming Sunday where I will be competing in Santa Clara at Gracie Worlds. This one will be submission only and eight minute matches.

As of now, I think I’m taking next month off from competitions. I will be switching gears and prepping for my next IFBB Bikini show in early August. I plan on entering more jiu jitsu tournaments following my show. I was also talking to my coach about entering Muay Thai smokers possibly towards the end of the year. Although the smokers and tournaments are competitions, they are practice towards the goal of fighting in MMA. I’m so glad that I have the support of Team HMB to juggle both sports along with the excellence of the supplement to help me recover with all of the training. Stay tuned for results from Gracie Worlds!

Posted on June 25, 2013


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