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Blog Article ImageI’ve just finished my competitions for the year and glad I ended on a good note. NABJJF Worlds was my first win in a jiu jitsu tournament and the first time I felt comfortable with my jiu jitsu. My first tournament was in January and I competed in a total of 6 tournaments this year. I felt like a world of difference since the start of the year. My breathing was much improved and I had a game plan, which made me flow much better.

I’ve been taking private lessons for about 2 months from Jared Carlsten, a 10th Planet black belt/Pro MMA fighter. He’s obviously teaching me new jiu jitsu skills, but his support and encouragement have helped me mentally become more confident when I roll. I went into this tournament feeling much more prepared than past ones. I was happy Jared was there to support me and compete as well. I also had a little over a month from my last show, so I felt refreshed and ready to compete again. When I was back east visiting family for Thanksgiving, I had jiu jitsu practice set up to stay consistent with my training.

I attempted 3 submissions (guillotine, arm triangle, and leg triangle) during the match and ended up winning by points, 6-0. I was trying to be aware of the time during the match. We usually roll for 8 minutes in class and this tournament had 5 minute matches for beginners. The time already feels like it goes faster when I’m competing and the last time I thought I had more time than was actually left in the match. So, this time I rushed a bit when I was going for the arm triangle, since I thought I may be running out of time.

Afterwards I was waiting for my next match since the brackets listed 3 in my class. There were plenty of DQ’s during the tournament for competitors who didn’t show up to the matches.  A short while later I was being called to the awards stand with no second match. I was looking forward to another match, since there are usually not many female competitors. So then I watched my teammates matches and enjoyed supporting and being a spectator.

I’m looking forward to the New Year and my 2014 competitive season. I’m meeting up with my Team Edge coaches very soon to talk about a game plan for the upcoming season. Ideally, I’d like to do at least 6 competitions next year between the IFBB shows and tournaments. As always, I’m excited to work on improving my physique and my jiu jitsu while recovering with HMB!

Happy Holidays and Happy Training!

Posted on December 30, 2013


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