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My Many Shoes in the Fitness World!

Blog Article ImageNow that the New Year is well underway, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my fitness journey during 2013. The ups and downs, the politically correct and the honest to goodness truth!

This past year for me was definitely one of personal change and growth, but a lot of shared joy with my friends in the fitness world. Rather than my many hats, it is the shoes that change with each aspect of fitness for me!

Bright Green Sneakers!
The season for me started off, as it did for a lot of other athletes, at The Arnold Sports Festival. I had visited the expo in the past as a spectator, nervously waiting in line to meet my favorite athletes and to collect as many free samples as possible. But this year, I was on the other side of the fence. While working one of the booths, people were waiting in line to take pictures with me! How cool! I was also there to support one of my good friends and fellow HMB teammate Philita Wheeler, as she competed in the Amateur Figure Division. And most important, this is where I met my future family, my Team HMB Family, and officially signed on as one of their athletes! Definitely a fantastic start to the year!

The next month brought more contests where I was again backstage support for a few more of my best friends and clients. I think I was more nervous and excited for all of them to take the stage than I was at my own shows. And when they all walked away with MASSIVE trophies, the tears were flowing.

Clear Heels!
Now it is my turn to wear the sparkly suit and clear heels. My first show was the NPC Pittsburgh (my hometown) and probably one of my favorite days of all time. Before I left home to head to the venue, I had already won. My entire family and my group of best girlfriends surrounded me. By their enthusiasm alone, you would have thought I had just won the Olympia, but we were still in my bedroom doing my hair! I placed 6th in the Figure A Class and knew exactly what I had to do to improve and prepare for the National Stage.

I used to think I worked hard... that is until I started training with a new sense of purpose and passion. I was determined to not just beat my previous self on stage, but to crush her efforts day in and day out. I can honestly say I could not have worked harder. I brought my absolute best package to the North American National Championships! My transformation from the previous year was astounding. Most people thought my progress pictures were from my first show 5 years ago to the present, but they were only a year apart. I would call that a win!

Sexy Black Pumps!
But the fun didn’t end on stage. I was asked to do a photo shoot focusing on female muscle and flexing. Just in case you couldn’t figure it out from my pictures, I LOVE flexing. You want to see my bicep, OK! I even jumped onto a door and did pull-ups from the hinges! I followed that with a few more scheduled photo shoots, celebrating my hard work with lasting pictures… something I highly recommend! I definitely ended my personal contest season on a high.

Strappy Wedge Sandals!
Another amazing opportunity I was given this year was to put my skills to the test and serve as an NPC Judge and Expeditor. I was involved in all of the local and National contests held in Pittsburgh. As a competitor myself, I can appreciate the entire process of putting on a show so much more, from registration to clean up. My favorite job of the year was definitely expediting Master’s Nationals and presenting trophies to new IFBB Pros.

I am excited for 2014 and some new opportunities I can’t wait to share with everyone.

Posted on January 28, 2014


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