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Muscle Building Foods with Philita Wheeler

It is finally time for the Holidays and I could not be more excited this year! I want to keep a leaner physique, while at the same time nourishing my body with muscle building foods to keep my lean mass! Working out is only half the battle - food consumption is equally as important!

In order to do this, I will be sticking with my favorite muscle building foods!  This term is just for nutrient dense foods that aid in muscle building due to various factors. Many types of food can have muscle building properties!  It does not just have to be a protein rich food!  Here are my favorites:

Lean Beef:
I will continue to keep lean beef in my diet. Beef is great for building lean muscle due to the amount of protein, cholesterol, zinc, B vitamins and iron.

Brown Rice:
I love to pair my beef with brown rice, which is a slow-digesting whole grain (due to its low glycemic index) that provides energy throughout the entire day.  Brown rice will help keep you fuller than a simple carb such as a rice cake.

I am also a huge egg fan! I eat eggs for any meal!  Their ability to increase lean muscle and strength is not due to the protein alone; the yolks contain cholesterol, which aids in muscle building as well!

During the afternoon, I eat yogurt, which is high in Calcium and Vitamin D and packed with probiotics to aid healthy digestion!  This is especially important when eating extra protein!

I used to eat apples pre workout in the past and am going to start doing that again!  I have read that there is a specific polyphenols in apples that increases muscle strength and prevents muscle fatigue Additional research has shown that these polyphenols can increase fat-burning properties as well.

Olive Oil:
Lastly, a favorite on my list, is cooking with olive oil.  It may sound strange but olive oil is a great source of monounsaturated and omega-3 fats. These good fats are proven beneficial. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with muscle pain and inflammation, and aiding recovery from those hard gym sessions!

I also will continue to take HMB as it has mirrored effects of these muscle-building foods.  It will aid in recovery, prevents muscle breakdown, and increases endurance!

With all of these muscle building foods it looks like I’m in for some muscle and strength gains over the Holidays!  I can’t wait!

  Philita Wheeler, Figure Competitor & Fitness Model

Posted on November 28, 2017


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