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Mr. Olympia Pro Powerlifting Championships

Blog Article ImageMy quest for the 2011 Mr. Olympia Professional Powerlifting Championships is complete. I got a different outcome of what I had hoped, but far from having a bad day. With the combination of an intense training cycle and adding HMB to my regimen, I upped my previous bench record of 738.5lbs in July to 755lbs. I opened up very light at 675lbs and made 50 pound jumps which led me to my fourth attempt of 804lbs. I just didn't have enough gas to push through the weight, but there are no excuses. I had a very great experience there, a lot of supporters came for team beast, and I shared the platform with some great lifters. I received the silver medal in the 275lb class, placing behind powerlifting vet Rob Luyando who I look up to. I plan on closing the gap between him and me at the 2011 IPL World Powerlifting Championship in Las Vegas, NV at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Sunday December 4th. I will be looking to open up in the mid 700's this time and end up in the mid 800's. Training begins now! I have a new training cycle and HMB to help me out and give me the edge I need to remain a top competitor in the 275lb class.
Link to highlights from the 2011 Mr. Olympia Pro Powerlifting Championships:

Posted on September 21, 2011


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