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Moving, Training, World Championships, and Nutrition

Blog Article ImageThe last couple months brought a change of season and location to the Fenton Strongman Club(FSC). At the end of October all of our equipment was moved to a new location. The set up is awesome, in addition to our normal strongman equipment an Olympic lifting platform has been added and a nicely sloped hill for uphill carries and drags is available. Keep an eye out for a training video on the Team HMB facebook and Team HMB youtube page of a 700lb frame carry uphill. Also, the early morning training sessions now include some cold and chilling weather, but nothing FSC can’t handle.

I’ve been adding volume and intensity to my strongman training and really am looking forward to competing again. My work capacity with heavy carries is progressing nicely and dumbbell pressing is consistently improving too.

The 105KG Strongman Championships are on for this year as well. I was given the nod to represent America based on being the National Champion last year. The contest is being held in Kiev, Ukraine starting December 11th. I will do my best to represent America and Team HMB as well as bring home a strong finish. The strongman events that are scheduled to be contested are:

1. Arm over arm Pull
2. Dumbbell Press
3. Truck Pull
4. Log lift medley
5. Farmer Carry
6. Squat for reps
7. Stone Loading

I’ve also made some changes to my nutritional program. With the HMB, I added in an additional 2 grams (6 total) on training days. Recovery is going very well. I’m also using the new Platinum Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition. This stuff is packed with all the necessary fixens for recovery from heavy training including a stout portion of BCAA’s. The ABB Intensity Speed Shots are great for improving your focus and intensity while training too. I’ve never had a problem in this department, but the Speed Shots took me to a whole new level of focused.

Train hard and look out for an update from the 105KG Strongman World Championships!


Posted on December 8, 2009


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