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Motorcity's Strongest Man Contest.

Blog Article ImageWell, after a 6 month break from competition and winter off from any serious training, I got back into the strongman game this past weekend at the Motorcity’s Strongest Man contest. I won this contest last year and the events were similar, consisting of an overhead press medley, deadlift medley, farmer’s hold, sandbag carry, and tire flip. Proceeds for this contest go to a scholarship fund so it is a must do as a local contest for me. Fortunately and despite my “easy going” winter, the last 6 weeks of training had gone extremely well and I was looking forward to competing.

Event #1 – Press Medley: I quickly pressed the 240lb barbell and 263lb axle. I was a little slow on the 280lb log press but still finished in 22 seconds here for second place in the SHW class.

Event #2 – Deadlift Medley: I quickly handled the 500lb trap bar, 550lb and 600lb standard deadlift here, but not quickly enough to have a chance at winning the event. I was able to take my time and get a clean and easy pull on the 700lb truck tire deadlift to finish in 32 seconds here. Second place again.

Event #3 – Farmer’s Hold: I had the advantage of going last here and dominated my favorite event. The time to beat was 47 seconds. Once I confirmed I had cleared 50 seconds I held on for a few more but tried to be smart and not waste myself going for a minute. Finished first place and one point behind the lead.

Event #4 – Sandbag Carry: This event was the same as last year, two sandbags (200 and 250lb) had to be carried 70’ each. I improved my time from last year by nearly a second but was second place in the event and lost another point to the contest leader.

Event #5 – Tire Flip: I made a solid effort here and botched the last flip, which cost me a few seconds.  I ended up second here again in 37 seconds and second overall.

I had a lot of fun, as usual, at Motorcity’s Strongest, and am really excited about the upcoming season. Future contests this year include August 2nd in Martinsville, Indiana and Sept 19th at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. The Olympia is going to be huge and I will definitely be training to bring my best stuff there. I’ll be ramping up my training throughout the summer and looking to set some big PR’s in August and September. I really need to focus on good repetition, building endurance and lean mass. HMB is one of the keys to recovering through this training phase. I’ll be reporting some training logs throughout the summer to show how this all will work together to get me in peak condition for the Olympia!

Posted on May 22, 2013


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