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Motorcity's Strongest Man

Blog Article ImageI recently competed in the Motorcity’s Strongest Man Competition in Warren,
MI. There was a great turnout for the contest with over 15 competitors in the heavyweight class. The contest is held at a local high school as a fundraiser for their football scholarship program. Steve Barkley runs this contest and does a great job every year, making the event one you can’t miss if you are a strength sports enthusiast in Michigan! This was the perfect show for me to get back in the game since injuring my foot at Nationals last year. The events included the tire flip, an overhead press medley, farmer’s hold, sandbag carry, and last man standing partial deadlift.

Tire Flip – I moved the 600lb tire 80’ in around 37 seconds for 2nd place.

Press Medley – A couple guys really flew through this before my turn so the pressure was on. One thing I haven’t trained since hurting my foot is explosive lifting like this so this event would be a bit of a test. 225lb bar, 255lb axle, and 280lb log all lifted in 18 seconds for another 2nd place.

Farmer’s Hold – I had high hopes for a win on this event and held 305lb per hand for 51 seconds. This put me into first place for a couple rounds until Dan Maki topped me and left me in 2nd place yet again.

Sandbag carry – A 200lb and a 250lb bag had to each be carried about 70’. I had a great set up to start and speedy pick-ups, which allowed me to blaze the course in 17 seconds. Finally, 1st place in an event, and it felt great to do so well on a moving event.

18” Last Man Standing Deadlift – I opened at 700lb here and pulled it easy, but that’s all I had left in the tank. A poor result and an anticlimactic finish, but enough to keep me in 1st place overall and secure the contest win by the narrowest of margins.

Qualifying for Nationals and getting back into contest mode felt great and is really motivating for me going into the summer. Nationals are officially scheduled for October in Texas. I will be spending the next 4 months prepping for this and getting my foot back to 100%.

Posted on June 4, 2013


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