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Month #1!!!

Blog Article ImageWell, it has been one month that I have been training for MMA fighting. Saying I love it is an understatement! I have been learning Muay Thai since I began and learn something new every day. It has been exciting as well as challenging.

It has been a very long time since I have learned a brand new sport. I have a lot of muscle memory from gymnastics, since I learned it from a young age. Anything that I learn now that relates to it in any way feels more natural to me. On the other hand, there are moves that feel unnatural that I need to focus on committing those moves to muscle memory.

The kicks and knees feel most comfortable to me. My favorite is the high kick, since I am already used to kicking high and being on my toes from gymnastics. I also enjoyed learning to clinch and was very aware that I was never in a contact sport before this one. One of my biggest challenges is standing with my shoulders hunched in the boxer’s stance. I was told I need to learn bad posture.:) When I’m on stage and teaching my clients, the posing has an exaggerated good posture.  Our chest is up with our shoulders back and walking very upright. Now when I’m training and feel like I’m relaxed and hunched, I still am more upright than I realize.

Along with all the new combinations I’ve been learning, there is also differences depending on who I am partnered with for practice. Even though the people I am partnered with are various sizes, we are learning for technique. The contact is at a light level, so the different weights and heights don’t have such an impact.

At the end of class, we do conditioning which I love just as much as any part of training. So many of the exercises are identical to the conditioning from gymnastics. I sometimes take the conditioning class which is like being on the playground! The other day we were doing leap frog over the instructor, power skips, and the crab walk among others. We were also partnered up to do the wheel barrel and carrying each other over our shoulder. I am very happy to say that I carried a guy over my shoulder and then squatted him! I am convinced I have the strength and stamina to do so, since HMB is a consistent part of my supplementation.

I was interviewed over the phone with MMA Fitness magazine to go with the photo shoot from last month.  I will keep you posted on when the issue will be on stands. For the next month, I will be preparing for my next IFBB bikini show on July 21st at home in Culver City!

Posted on June 27, 2012


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