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Mixing Up Training

Blog Article ImageMy training is going well, I started a new set of workouts this week, everything is heavy/light oriented for fast and slow twitch.  I am doing two exercises in a group, the first exercise is heavy, 4-6 reps, and then 2nd exercise is light, 12-15 reps.  I rest 2 minutes then repeat for a total of 5 sets.  Then group 2 is the same as group 1 with different lifts.  Then I move to group 3 and 4 which is same premise but only 3 sets.  My workouts are as follows: 
Monday: shoulders and calves
Tuesday: arms
Wednesday: abs and remedial
Thursday: quads, hamstrings, calves
Friday: chest and back

 I will be doing this same routine for the next 4 weeks and once it’s complete I will be 8 weeks away from the Pro Universe Competition in Florida and will change it up again.  Diet is mainly bulk diet right now with me consuming about 5,000 calories a day with roughly 50% of those calories coming from proteins.  I will move to my cut diet after this set of workouts.  I am hanging steady now at 210 and 8% body fat.  I am hoping to step on stage around 198 and 3.5% body fat.  The Pro Universe Contest is November 12, 2011.  This is the biggest contest of my career, so hoping to look as good as I ever have.  I am taking 6 HMB’s per day to help in recovery and strength and to keep me going.  I need all the help I can get at 41 years old!

Posted on July 18, 2011


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