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Michigan's Strongest Man - The Battle in Bavaria

Blog Article ImageThe final strongman showdown for 2013 in the state of Michigan occurred earlier this month in Frankenmuth. This was a first time venue and it was fantastic. Combined with some mammoth equipment, this contest was not one to be missed. With the NAS and 105Kg ASC National Championships quickly approaching, the events to be contested were set up similar to what is expected at Nationals. That fact made this contest not only a great opportunity to compete, but also train for Nationals. It turned out to be a beautiful day, sunny and mid 80’s with relatively low humidity compared to a typical August day.

Five total events made up the competition in the following order:

Yoke Carry – 800lbs of steel had to be carried 75’. I was up first in the heavy weight division and put up a good pace at 15.8 seconds. This held up for second place in the event.

Axle Press – The fat bar and tires combined with some “extra” weight amounted to 300lbs that had to be pressed overhead. I managed to squeeze out two lifts to claim another second place and now two points off the pace.

Car deadlift – We had to lift a Dodge Charger sitting on a steel frame with a side handle grip. This is a heavy car and it was clear the pull was going to be grueling. Multiple competitors failed to complete a lift before my turn. I dug in deep, locked my grip in and hoisted that car slowly until I was upright. I completed four total eye popping reps to take a win and move within a point of the lead. I’ve been working some heavy frame carries in training, and by comparison, I can say without a doubt that the weight in hand here was over 800lbs.

Wheelbarrow Load and Carry– Three kegs weighing 250, 275 and 300lbs had to be loaded into the wheelbarrow before carrying the wheelbarrow across the 75’ course. It took nearly a full minute just to get the kegs in. The leader and myself were virtually tied when we picked up the wheelbarrows. My grip was locked in so good I only had to focus on pushing this mammoth beast. The total weight of the wheelbarrow was around 1500Lbs and it supplied plenty of rolling resistance forcing the quads to work extremely hard. About half way to the finish line my vision started to blur, but I just kept my legs moving and could see the competition disappearing in my blurred peripheral vision. This was one of the most challenging events I have ever done, and my training really paid off with the event win and now had me tied in first place going into the last event.

Stone Carry and Load – Three Atlas stones: 300, 320 and 340lbs had to be carried 15’ and then lifted over a 56” bar. I was able to handle the first two in 24 seconds with relative ease. I carried the 340lber to the bar but initially could not hoist it over.  I locked back in, and launched the stone over the bar, but just a second after the 60-second limit. My two stone time left me in second place here but secured the contest win!

Overall I’m really happy with where my training and strength levels are. I’ve been ramping up the strongman training more and more as Nationals approaches after taking a major break this past spring. My training, diet, supplements, and overall plan will have me back as a contender for the 105K Championship this year. My recovery has been phenomenal lately as a result of eating well and supplementing with HMB. Training with very heavy strongman implements on a weekly basis is extremely hard on the body and HMB definitely gives my muscles the ability to recover from this with minimal downtime, soreness, or impact on other training sessions. With this in mind, I’m really excited about competing for the championship again!

Posted on August 13, 2013


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