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Max Out Day | Bryan Dermody

Question: How do you approach a max out day at the gym? 

I generally follow three rules for approaching max out days:

  • Set yourself up for success: Perform a sound peaking and taper phase to ensure that your body is ready to perform the way you want it to on max out day. Give yourself a reason to think that you will perform well on max out day!
  • Have an alternative plan of action: The truth of lifting is that even when we think we have done all that we can to prepare in a way that ensures success, things don’t go the way we want at times. In this case, all is not lost, and max out day can still be a great experience. For example, there have been times when I had planned on doing a 1-repetition maximum in the gym. For whatever reason, I just could not produce a personal record on a 1-RM this day. Instead of throwing in the towel on this day, however, I lowered the weight and set a new personal record on a 5-RM.
  • Strike when the iron is hot: Go for it when your body feels great and the weights feel light. There have been times when I have walked into the gym and had not planned on maxing out that day. However, the weights felt light and I was able to hit a personal record. This method is best saved for training days that are far out from a competition.

- Bryan Dermody, Powerlifter / Former Strength & Conditioning Coach


Posted on March 13, 2017


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