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I’ve been busier than ever lately, in addition to dealing with year-end accounting work for my clients I also started training clients at a new gym.  I’m not able to accept any more clients due to time constraints (A great problem to have)! My passion for fitness has increased dramatically since starting at this new gym.  Seeing them push themselves and work towards their goals has inspired me to work even harder for my own.  There have been days where I’m at my accounting clients all day then I head straight to train my clients until late evening.  I don’t exactly want to work out but they inspire me so much I can’t help but to absolutely put forth 110% effort on my own workout! All of my own training sessions have been with such heart this past month. It’s made a difference in my mentality and physique.

While I’m at the gym, I typically wear my HMB apparel, and have had several people ask me about it. One of my clients even started taking HMB and within 3 months her results have been amazing.  She lifts heavier than ever and recovers faster than she used to. I feel so absolutely blessed that I’m able to help people and let them in on my ‘secrets’.

I love being a source of motivation to people as well. If I can make time to work out, so can anyone else.  I’m often asked how I manage everything. I think being busier makes me more productive. I don’t exactly get much down time, but my own gym time acts as my “me time” and that is exactly how I want to spend it. 

I’m so excited about all the possibilities of this coming year! Continue to follow me as I share my passion with the world! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as Philita Wheeler.

-Philita Wheeler, NPC Figure Competitor

Posted on January 20, 2015


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