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Blog Article ImageI enjoyed my photo shoot with photographer, Tom Newberry.  His talent to capture not only looks, but attitudes was brilliant.  I don’t just see a woman in the pictures, I see me. I don’t just see the outfit, but I see the essence of my character, through my eyes, demeanor, and the ambiance of the picture.  I’m not dieted down for competition, I’m genuine and healthy. Some people call me skinny, some call me beefy, and I think I’ve uttered ‘fluffy’ at one point.  In reality I don’t think any of those things are me, I call this, living it, living my life to the fullest.

You won’t catch me in the gym on a Friday night this summer….this iron clad woman has a few better things in mind.  You’ll still see me at the gym in the early morning; after all, my mind connects with my body best after I roll out of bed.  But my lifting schedule has gone from 5 to 6 days a week down to about 4.  In those 4 days my intensity is still the same, I’m still trying to break records and find new exercises. I have however, traded in two leg days a week for a low impact cardio day.  At my last competition I found that the more muscular legs were not what the judges were after, and with bone fragments in my patellar tendon, my knee could use the extra rest day.  I don’t really have a desire to squat heavy anymore, the benefits of that for me didn’t outweigh the impact it was causing on my knee.  I’ve found excitement in some new leg exercises I didn’t incorporate before.  I deadlift every few weeks, and I do a lot of hang cleans and presses weekly. 

I recently moved up in the world and got a new iPhone that tracks my runs, tells me my pace and miles…I may try to break some records on it for a while. I try to get in a few running days a week, but it doesn’t always happen.
One thing is for sure I don’t miss a day of taking HMB, it’s on my desk at work and I get questions weekly about it.  I may have taken a few steps back in the gym, but I’ve taken more steps forward in my life because of it.  Sometimes the gym can wait, so while I’m there I will make the absolute most of it, and that is why nutrition and taking my HMB is important during some down time. It’s especially helpful after my one intense leg day.  I did 5 sets of front squats Monday and am still limping on Thursday.  That’s the way I aim for all my workouts!  So the extra rest time is imperative.

Until the next time, enjoy your summer, hit the gym hard when you are there, and take your HMB!

Posted on June 12, 2012


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