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Making gains and getting ready for September

Blog Article ImageTraining is going very well.  I have made some gains since my last show, and I am starting to get some weight and strength back.  It takes a while, and it is hard to be patient, but I cut almost 22 lbs to compete last May. I have gained 10 lbs back, and I am going to try to stay here for the next month until I start my diet in August.  My diet will be much stricter since I am going to compete in late September of this year.  I have also just partnered with a person in town, and together we will be bringing another Natural Bodybuilding Show to Des Moines.  Keep your eyes open for the NGA Clash of the Titans Natural Bodybuilding Championships and Bikini Championships in the fall of 2011.  We are currently in the process of selecting a date for the competition, as well as a location. This competition will also be a Pro Qualifier!
Really looking forward to getting on stage again soon, I think I will have a great showing in Kansas in September and might bring home another Gold!  I have increased my calories to 3,600 per day, doing cardio 2 times per week and lifting 5 days per week. I will keep that going until August, and then I will up my cardio to 6 days per week while cutting back calories by about 600 or so.

Posted on June 30, 2010


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